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Grandmaster Lau Fai (1962-2007)

sifu_chi_fai_lauGrand Master Lau Fai was a pioneer practitioner in the Calgary area. He was born in 1962, started in the age of 6 years old and began his martial art career. Learning from various masters in the art of Bak Mei, Shaolin, Wing Chun, Dragon Style, Choi Fut, and Hung Gar, was a very active child. He began travelling in Asia with a group of martial arts performers and became one of the top performers. At that young age, he also learned Body Chi Gong. He started teaching martial arts shortly after learning at the age of 16, and got his certification in Chinese Medicine at the age of 18. Moving to Canada in 1986 with his family, kept a really low profile, until 1994 when the Calgary Hung Mun Athletic Club appointed him to teach martial art, this is when he started to get the respect and a name from all around town. Master Lau Fai is a man of many words, his conversations often leads to martial arts, the way of life, and helping others.


A goal in his life was to form a group that was to be known worldwide with his brother, creating World Pak Mei Hup Ging Do Association. Throughout his martial arts career, Grand Master Lau Fai always volunteered his time to those who wanted to learn martial arts. His philosophy of being involved in the communities in which you live and work brought him in contact with a large and varied group of people.


Grand Master Lau Fai was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and battled for four years until passing away in August 17, 2007 leaving behind a well respected kung-fu demonstration and lion dance team that is well recognized around Alberta.